Forum’s THAT

One of the things that I love about snowboarding is that it sparks creativity. Creativity in how you see the mountain, how you decide to ride it, and in how you want to shape your own riding style. Each and every rider has a different style. They can have the same tricks in their bag … Continue reading Forum’s THAT


Snowboard Helmets

Helmets are probably the last thing that people get stoked about when they are thinking about how technology is progressing. To many, they are cumbersome and makes you look like a bobblehead. The thing is that they save lives. Whether you are hucking it 10 feet out of a pipe or you are still on … Continue reading Snowboard Helmets

Why is it So Hard to Keep a Snowboard Shop in Business?

It is interesting to me how so many people gravitate to the snowboard industry over the ski industry because of how much cheaper it is to get into. For instance, a full beginner ski set up can cost $1000 while a beginner snowboard set up can set you back $600. This price difference would make … Continue reading Why is it So Hard to Keep a Snowboard Shop in Business?